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Universidad Del Norte

  • Client: Universidad Del Norte

  • Industry: Education

  • Services: Digital Illustration, Editorial

The Challenge

Create the 25th edition cover for the magazine "En Contacto", developed by Universidad Del Norte, one of the most recognized Universities in Colombia who uses their alumni's who excelled during their professional careers to be part of the cover of the magazine. For this edition I had the privilege to illustrate the cover using the theme "Dale Norte" or "To the North", a campaign focusing on donations for future students with low resources that are uncapable to pay for education.


The Outcome

For the creation of this artwork, I decided to use Procreate app for Ipad. I came up with the idea of a Lighthouse, since it is a guide and a point of reference for sailors when navigating towards their objective. A Lighthouse is also a symbol of something that shines in the darkness. We are light and guidance for those who are seeking to find their destination.

In the next time-lapse video, you will be able to observe the process of development for this illustration, as well as final results on how it looked like. 

Acerca de portada.JPG
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