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This Project showcases my diverse experience in crafting engaging social media campaigns and designs for a range of dynamic clients and organizations. From promoting weekend events in Barranquilla to enhancing the online presence of educational institutions and companies, my work spans a spectrum of industries and creative approaches. Dive into these brief but impactful narratives, each highlighting a unique chapter in my journey as a social media marketer and designer.

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During my tenure at Cleargoals a Marketing Technology company located in Canada, US and France, I focused on enhancing their social media presence by designing captivating motion graphics for their posts. This strategic visual approach led to a noticeable increase in social media engagement.

Incorporating motion graphics into our social media content added a dynamic and visually appealing element that captured the audience's attention and encouraged greater interaction. This approach exemplified the impact of creative visuals in driving engagement and promoting the brand effectively.




My collaboration with the marketing team at Junior F.C. in Barranquilla, Colombia, was marked by the successful launch of  social media marketing campaigns tailored to target families. One such campaign that I conceptualized and shared across Instagram and Facebook stands out as a prime example of our collective efforts. This campaign not only resulted in a notable boost in ticket sales but also achieved heightened user engagement and the acquisition of qualified leads.

The strategic approach we undertook showcased the power of targeted marketing in the realm of sports. By focusing on families as a key demographic, we were able to create campaigns that resonated with this audience, leading to tangible results. The campaign's success underscored the importance of a well-executed social media strategy in promoting sports events, driving attendance, and fostering meaningful connections with the community.


My role at Relianz Mining Solutions in Colombia was focused on shaping and executing a robust social media strategy that encompassed Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn. This strategic approach not only enhanced our online presence but also increased our brand's visibility and engagement significantly. A key milestone was the implementation of a highly effective content marketing strategy for our social media channels, which effectively drove traffic to our website, bolstered brand recognition, and amplified audience interaction.

To ensure consistency in our digital presence, I diligently constructed and managed social media editorial calendars. This methodical approach guaranteed the creation and dissemination of timely and relevant content. Additionally, to align with our reputation management goals, I led a dynamic team of three individuals. Through this team, we maintained a rapid response rate of under 10 minutes on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn, reinforcing Relianz Mining Solutions as a responsive, customer-centric industry leader. This two-pronged approach not only strengthened our online presence but also exemplified our unwavering commitment to delivering quality service and engagement.

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At Universidad Del Norte in Barranquilla, Colombia, I had the exciting opportunity to lead the social media efforts for their Soccer League. I crafted and oversaw the production of captivating content for both Instagram and Facebook. Through a combination of creative strategies and consistent posting, we achieved an impressive 50% increase in reach, connecting with students, alumni, and soccer enthusiasts.

Beyond content creation, I was on the ground, attending soccer matches and league events. This immersive approach allowed me to engage with the audience in real-time, creating a vibrant sense of community during weekdays and weekends. Together, we built a strong network across all relevant social media platforms, making the Soccer League's online presence truly shine.