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Soccer World Cup 2018

billboard mockup1-min.png
  • Client: Personal Project

  • Industry: Sports

  • Services: Digital Illustration, Social Media

Purpose of the project

As a soccer/football fan, I wanted to create something for the 2018 World Cup in Russia, and at the same time practice my skills with adobe illustrator. The idea was to create a 2D style scenery of Moscow with St. Basil's Cathedral, and Luzhniki Stadium (where the final game was played). I also decided to animate it, and play around with some of the elements I created. 


It was actually one of the most enjoyable personal projects I've made so far. Below you will be able to see some of the process.

01 RUSSIA 2018 landscape-01.png
01 RUSSIA 2018 landscape-02.png
01 RUSSIA 2018 landscape-03.png
01 RUSSIA 2018 landscape outline-05.png

Some of the elements I created for this work. Everything is vector based by the way.

Some screenshots of the progress while I was creating this piece. It's amazing to see how it evolved.

The players

I also wanted to create something related to the players, that's why I chose one representative player for each of the 32 national teams participating in the event, and using the same 2D style, created these cards with facts about the team, and then share it through Instagram.

Step by step guide