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Rise Vision

Rise Vision-05.png
  • Client: Rise Vision 

  • Industry: Education

  • Services: Digital Advertising & Illustration

The Challenge

The brand needed an urgent update. The logo was too old and it did not transmitted the high quality service they offer. Also, no guidelines existed, so nothing was well aligned.


Update and create the entire brand style, from logo all the way to stationery elements, without loosing the concept of the company.

Rise Vision-05.png

Digital Advertising for Webinar promotion

Rise Vision organizes online webinars to offer value to their customers, as well as showing why and how they do it. They promote webinars through paid digital Ads promoted in different platforms that requires specific resolutions. For instance, re-sizing a horizontal format design into a vertical one is usually required to fit into the desired platform.


Moreover, the creation of GIFS as a strategy for users to click on the advertisement, generates higher results rather than a static image, offering much value, and making it more appealing to the eye.  

Digital Advertising for Web BLOG

Rise Vision has a blog on their website. They constantly post articles related to education, and how their technology can be implemented for such industry. Similar to the webinar promotion, digital ads are created to promote their blog articles. For this assets, a "Read More" call to action button is placed to generate traffic in the website. 

blog ad-01.jpg

Digital Brochures

Paperless is a good term to describe this company, they operate using digital formats like brochures, and share them through online channels for potential clients.

Rise Vision new-01.jpg

Layout Design for
Case Studies

Case Studies are also an important asset for Rise Vision to attract new clients. Creating new templates, or layouts to show case the goals achieved with previous clients, is a strategy that absolutely transmits reliability, and trust.    

Rise Vision new-02.jpg
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