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  • Client: Rise Vision 

  • Industry: Technology

  • Services: Digital Advertising, email, Layout, Branding, and Illustration


Rise Vision, a leading provider of user-friendly cloud-based digital signage software, entrusted me to collaborate with their marketing team in enhancing brand engagement. Our mission was to captivate K-12 schools, making them aware of webinars, blogs, and the website, all while fostering partnerships with educational institutions. In this project, I orchestrated the creation of compelling digital assets, email signatures, templates for case studies, and editable resources via Canva, strategically crafted to resonate with the target audience and boost brand engagement.



Marketing Goals:

  1. Increase Brand Awareness: Raise Rise Vision's profile among K-12 schools.

  2. Boost Engagement: Encourage deeper interaction with webinars, blogs, and resources.

  3. Drive Click-Through Rates: Elevate the efficacy of our digital ads.


Design Strategies:

  1. Dynamic GIFs: I harnessed the power of animated GIFs to capture attention and convey key messages effectively.

  2. Illustrations: Unique, custom illustrations were integrated into the design to create a distinctive visual identity and reinforce the brand's message.

  3. Image Editing: Carefully curated images were edited to align with Rise Vision's brand aesthetics and resonate with the educational audience.


  1. Digital Ads: Engaging ads were crafted to promote webinars, blogs, and the website, ensuring they stood out in the digital landscape.

  2. Email Signatures: Professional, brand-aligned email signatures were designed for the marketing team, providing a cohesive communication experience.

  3. Case Study Templates: A suite of templates was created to showcase successful partnerships with educational institutions, reinforcing trust and credibility.

  4. Canva Editable Assets: Offered as a valuable freebie, these customizable assets empowered clients to effortlessly incorporate branded content into their digital signage.




  1. Rise Vision's brand awareness among K-12 schools significantly increased.

  2. Engagement with webinars and blogs saw a notable uptick, indicating heightened interest.

  3. The use of strategically designed digital ads led to an impressive boost in click-through rates.

  4. This project demonstrates my ability to blend design innovation with marketing objectives, resulting in a successful campaign that increased brand awareness, engagement, and click-through rates. By leveraging dynamic visuals, custom illustrations, and precise image editing, we achieved compelling outcomes for Rise Vision in the competitive digital signage industry.


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