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  • Client: The Health Aisle Media/Pulse

  • Industry: Health & Wellness

  • Services: Infographics, Mobile, Digital Illustration

About the Project

In collaboration with The Health Aisle, I embarked on an exciting design project to create two captivating infographic designs for Pulse, a revolutionary mobile app dedicated to empowering users in managing their health and wellness. Guided by Pulse's brand guidelines, I meticulously crafted every aspect of the infographics, from custom illustrations and icons to data visualization elements like charts, tables, and mind maps.

With a keen eye for detail, I seamlessly integrated illustrations that not only captured the essence of Pulse's mission but also added visual appeal and storytelling elements to the infographics. These bespoke illustrations breathed life into the information, making it more engaging and relatable for users.

To ensure a consistent and cohesive user experience, I designed a set of purposeful icons that perfectly aligned with Pulse's brand identity. These icons served as intuitive visual cues, enhancing the usability and navigation within the app.

Data visualization played a crucial role in presenting complex health information in a digestible format. Leveraging my expertise in creating meaningful visual representations, I carefully selected and designed charts, tables, and mind maps that transformed raw data into meaningful insights. The seamless integration of these visual elements within the infographics allowed users to effortlessly comprehend and interpret health-related information, enabling them to make informed decisions about their well-being.



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