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Junior F.C.

banner Junior-01.jpg
  • Client: Club Deportivo Popular Junior F.C. 

  • Industry: Sports

  • Services: Social Media, Press

The Challenge

Design social media, and press assets for Junior F.C, a first division soccer team, and one of the most powerful in Colombia. Using the campaign  "Día de la familia Juniorista", which means "Junior familiy day", the main purpose was to attract family members, including children, to buy tickets for the upcoming matches. 3 assets had to be created for different days that could work for Social Media (Instagram, Facebook), and newspaper for print.

Artboard 1 copy 5.png

Design #1

For all 3 designs, the use of Photoshop brushes, and adobe illustrator were very important to add effects that made the information pop-up. I also got the liberty to create the text for the titles using language and jargon that is commonly used in the city to give a friendly and familiar touch to the artwork. 

3 arte periodico-min.JPG

Design #2

4 arte periodico-min.JPG

Design #3

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