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The Canadian Dream

Canada case ig post 1-02-min.png
  • Client: Personal Project

  • Industry: Arts, Entertainment & Recreation

  • Services: Digital Illustration

Purpose of the project

Before I arrived to Canada with my wife, I decided to work on a personal project that reminded us of the goals and everything we want to achieve in this great country. Then print it an iphone case so we can see it every day to remain focus.

How it Started

I wanted to create an environment with all these illustrative elements, characters, and ourselves as a way to express our goals. Below, you will be able to see how it started, and the final results. 

Whenever I'm starting a new project, I always tell to myself to trust the process, and enjoy it. It all started with a sketch, and then everything started to flow accordingly.  

Untitled_Artwork (1)-min_edited.jpg

After my first sketch, I came up with other new ideas that I wanted to add to the illustration. For this first stage I worked with paper and pencil, and with procreate app for ipad.

Color Palette

Working with Adobe Illustrator

Switching to adobe illustrator to create a neat, vector based illustration was a challenge, but at the same time very exciting. I used some techniques from a Domestika Course I took recently by Mauro Martins, an amazing illustrator I now follow as one of my references.

Final Results