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Non-sugar Bakery

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  • Client: Atalú 

  • Industry: Food & Beverages

  • Services: Branding, Packaging, Social Media, Illustration 

The Challenge

This delicious healthy bakery wanted some add-ons for their already established guidelines. They requested several assets such as a special edition cake packaging for Christmas, social media promotions, a new menu for their products, and a brand style guide.

Artboard 1 copy 3.png

Christmas Packaging Box

The main idea for the Christmas box was to create illustrations with imagery about Santa's Elves cooking, elaborating and showcasing Atalu's products. Although it was going to be printed in 1 color, we still wanted something to be fun that expressed Christmas time.


This were the initial sketches in the construction of the illustrations.

sketch 2-min.png
sketch 1-min.png

How they turned out to be. These guys are always smiling and having a blast showcasing the products. 


Adding the elements to the box die line template was a bit of a challenge. placing them in the right position and direction to prevent any printing errors makes also part of the process. Fortunately It all went just as expected. 

CAJA-011 - CAJA MEDIA LB - Atalú-01.png
CAJA-011 - CAJA MEDIA LB - Atalú-02.png

The box was made out of recyclable cardboard. Healthy and organic food = eco-friendly packaging as well.


Here's the final result.

Social Media

vector based Illustrations were also created to design templates for Instagram and Facebook accounts to promote holidays like Black Weekend, love and friendship day, and discounts for specific days of the week. 

Artboard 1 copy 5.png
Artboard 1 copy 7.png


A new version of the menu was created, each page was divided into categories like gluten free, whole wheat, veggie cakes, snacks, desserts, and breads. Each section has its own color, with the price and different size options to choose from.

Following established guidelines for the development of the menu was crucial to maintain style, and identity towards Atalu's ecosystem.

menu mockup 2.jpg
menu mockup.jpg

Brand Style Guide

Atalu didn't had a brad style guide to standardize all the elements to be taken into account when future assets are planned to be created by others. The use of the logo, typography, and color are fundamental aspects that must be followed at all times in order to communicate effective designs.