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A client-first Senior Designer. I’ll bring your ideas to life with exceptional design and storytelling through Branding, Digital Design, Content Marketing, and Illustration.


About Me

Hey there! I'm Javier Pinilla, and I'm so excited to connect with you! 

As a Senior Graphic Designer with a passion for all things creative, I've been on an amazing 10-year journey in the design world.


I absolutely love what I do, and my specialties include content marketing and digital illustration. From crafting eye-catching web and social media designs to bringing life to editorial layouts, motion graphics, digital ads, email marketing campaigns, and brand identities, I've had a blast working on a wide variety of projects.

One of the coolest parts of my job is getting to collaborate with awesome clients from different industries. It's incredible to see how marketing design can make a real impact on businesses and connect with diverse audiences.


Originally from Colombia, I now proudly call Toronto, Canada, my home. The vibrant culture here adds an extra sprinkle of inspiration to my work, and it's always fun infusing designs with a touch of global flair.


I'm a firm believer in staying on top of trends and techniques, so I'm constantly learning and evolving to deliver top-notch results for my clients.

If you're curious to see what I've been up to and the creative magic I can bring to your projects, hop over to my portfolio. There’s no “I” in dream team. If you are looking to add a long-term collaborator to your marketing strategy, I’d love to talk about it.

Business Marketing Postgraduate Diploma 

With Honours 

Seneca College

April 2023. Toronto, Canada

Graphic Design Bachelor’s Degree

Universidad Del Norte

September 2012. Barranquilla, Colombia

What I do

I recognize that to grow, brands need trusted partners to deliver consistent consumer experiences at every touchpoint. Think of me as the creative leader of your own Marketing Team.

Understanding clients and their business is how we create such great websites, marketing Designs, brand identity and illustrations.

Graphic Design

Blending strategy, creativity, and top-notch development skills to make sure no corners are left untouched. My focus is on projects that connect with consumers, ignite their motivation, and churn out valuable insights to accelerate your business. Here's what falls under my Graphic Design realm:

Brand Identity

Your brand's visual identity must be unique and unforgettable, enabling customers to swiftly link it with your business. I'll equip you with a visual toolkit and comprehensive guidelines on its application, covering everything from photography and illustrations to motion graphics, typography, and color schemes.

Marketing Design

I have the ability to manage digital marketing campaigns from the advertising components driving traffic including eye-catching digital ads, email designs, social media graphics, motion graphics, and the landing pages set up to receive it. That gives us (and you!) a total picture of how potential customers are moving through your purchase funnel.


Good websites work so that users don’t have to. My process goes beyond the user-interface to produce solutions that reduce cognitive load and allow users to effortlessly access information and perform actions.

I use a “Mobile-First” design strategy that ensures visitors have a flawless experience, no matter where they are.

Digital Illustration

Captivating Digital Illustrations and Animations! With expertise in unique vector art and cutting-edge 2D animation techniques, I'll bring your vision to life. From logos and icons to intricate illustrations and animations.


Featured Work

I’m lucky to work with some pretty awesome clients. Here are some of the things we’ve done together recently.

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